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2nd Generation Horse Family

Hi, I'm Deb and I've been around horses since I was 7 years old and my father taught me to ride when I was 9.  I've showed competitively in Western equitation, haltership, Western trail and Western Pleasure. During High school I was blessed to be the mascot with my high school horse.


Into adult life, I have managed multiple barns with many different horse personalities. I've worked at a special needs horse camp for children, where I created the ground curriculum (Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, GA).


I was an educator, teaching high school special ed and middle school special ed, which makes me very compassionate and patient, with the ability to listen to the children. 

Teaching children and caring for Smokey are my two loves. It comes through when I teach and the children and they feel the excitement. 

Member: Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship



You will learn my 12 lesson program, providing you with the foundations needed to be around horses. Focused on how horses communicate with their ears, how they like to be groomed from the feet to the tail and explain how horses feed off your emotions.

Horses can be dangerous, so we will be sure to cover safety around horses (no running, waving hands, using our inside voices, etc.), what a "herd" mentality is and the language of horses. 


Lastly, the lesson consists of the walking through the three main items you must always wear to be around horses and why. What's in a tack room, stalls, feed room, and what you need to know if you want to buy a horse.



Hi, I'm Smokey! I've been trotting around kids for 27 years on my Rocky Mountain back. I'm a full size horse, not a pony - but I'm a tan sweet man.  

I've been with my mom Deb since I was 12 years old and am now partially blind in one eye. But it doesn't stop me from licking you, it's my love language.  


My mom says I'm very compassionate and sensitive, always taking care of the herd. You will be happy to know that I am Western trained, giving you an awesome saddle horn to hold on to for safety. I was also trained to pull a carriage cart, one is being refurbished so I can do this again soon.


I've had countless numbers of kids on me from all ages; 2 months to 87 years old. Never bucked, never kicked. I can ride anywhere, street, parks, etc. 


I love to be playful, winnie and knicker when my mom comes to see me and I pout when she is on vacation.


I cannot wait to meet you! 

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